About James



– Trained thousands of clients worldwide through my gyms, residentials, personal training and online personal training.


– Founded an award winning gym.


– Founded one of the UK’s most established and successful residential boot camps.


– Won awards for best fitness classes.


– Helped thousands of people overcome mental battles, eating disorders and relationships with food and exercise.


– Won business awards.


– Worked with schools and children with learning disabilities.


– Worked with sports teams to condition their athletes specific to their game.


– Worked in businesses to increase health awareness and performance of employers.

From the age of 4 I was playing football and studying martial arts and that was pretty much everything I did out of school growing up. In my teens I was performing to a very high level and even though I was very successful with my sports and martial arts I did start to develop eating disorders. I had a huge life changing moment at the age of 14.


After my parents discovered I had an eating disorder they signed me up with a personal trainer and a gym to help not only my conditioning for football and martial arts but also build a successful and healthy relationship with food.

I never looked back…


Having a personal trainer literally throw me in the deep end of exploring all the different styles of fitness, exercise and routines. I absolutely loved it! I loved how even more successful I was getting at my sports and really appreciated how food was also playing a vital role.

I studied Business Entrepreneurship at university and when leaving I started training in the Royal Marines Reserves. I also started my own fitness boot camp class in my local park which for the first 8 weeks only had 1 person! However, it has now grown to be one the best and biggest classes in Stratford upon Avon and it still operates today!


Very quickly I realised my talent for building relationships, leading and being able to relate to people. I was able to transform health through exercise, nutrition and mindset. I decided to launch my first residential boot camp in 2013 at the age of 22. As a result,  Xtreme Boot Camps has become a huge success that regularly sells out and attracts clients from all around the world and still continues today.

Through our presence through boot camp classes in Stratford upon Avon we opened our very Xtreme Gyms in 2015 which has only ever gone from strength to strength.


Being in very a unique position of owning a gym and running residentials bootcamps my client base grew globally which resulted in me organically growing to online coaching as most clients who come stay with me on my residentials wish to continue working with me at home. That is how JEA Academy was born

Getting married and having 2 daughters has also opened my eyes to the importance of health and being a role model. As the businesses grow and gain success I have realised that fitness, health and happiness all coincide together and it’s so important to get that balance to really prosper in life, be happy and provide a happy environment for family. This realisation has given me invaluable experience and married with my current skills has resulted in me being able to provide a service to my clients that is rarely found else where.


The future going forward is to expand the businesses and create more James Evans branded projects such as boot camps, online communities, retreats, adventures, gyms and public speaking. I very much let my businesses grow organically and never strive away from my mission…

“To encourage, coach and provide opportunities for people to find happiness and fulfilment through exercise, nutrition, business and mental health.”